It’s Disco Deals time!

Vanitas Vesture - Polite Starry Skirts for Disco Deals

Vanitas Vesture has made two starry versions of the Polite Skirt for the event, priced at only $65.  At the Shopping Cart Disco’s Disco Deals Bazaar, you’ll find these and other great deals from Dark Mouse, Miao, Karizmatik Modern, Fear and Clothing, Elefantu, Magoa, Status, Projekt Mayhem, Sn@tch, and Somnia — this weekend only!

Hello Lovelies! There’s a new sales-day-of-the-week, and it’s Moody Monday! All items for the event are priced at L$55, and have a value of at least L$150; they’ll be on sale all day Monday.

Vanitas Vesture - Obsessive Skirts for Moody Monday

We’ve put out a set of two skirts at the Vanitas Vesture mainstore: the new and unreleased Obsessive Skirts in Eggplant and Mocha. (Handy for those of you doing the 52 Weeks of Color challenges.)

There are some really awesome stores participating with a variety of items: clothes, poses, furniture, jewelry, and even a short story from a New York Times bestselling author.  You’ll definitely want to check the full illustrated list at the Moody Mondays website.

Lots of changes going on at Vanitas Vesture, and to celebrate, we’re having a HUGE sale this weekend.  Most of the store is on sale — L$50 Separates — L$100 Dresses.
vanitas vesture sale sign

New! Rewards System
Earn store credit with every eligible purchase!  (Nearly everything is eligible.)  Use your store credit to buy stuff!  Earn even more when you wear your group tag.

New! Gifting and Gift Cards
Send most items as gifts, directly from the vendor.  Or, send gift cards! We’re super-excited to finally be able to offer you these options.

New! VIP Group
We have a new in-world VIP group, and for this weekend, it’s only L$100 to join.  Get exclusive gifts with each new release, and earn more rewards points when you wear your group tag.  Current gift:

New! Redelivery Terminal
Ok, not glamorous, but terribly useful.  From now on, most Vanitas Vesture items (excluding things like charity vendors and transferrable items like gatchas) can be redelivered if they’re lost, deleted, etc. Yay!

I think that’s it for today.  Take care, lovelies!
SarahTheRed Aurbierre
Vanitas Vesture Mainstore

Hello lovelies! Lots going on right now! We’re a part of two charitable events: Fashion for Life, and the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser.

Pacific Crisis FundraiserPacific Crisis Fundraiser
An emergency fundraising effort for victims of the crisis in the Pacific
March 16 – April 10
Pacific Crisis Fundraiser landmark
Event website
Proceeds (100% or 50%, depending on the vendor) go to Americares.

Vanitas Vesture - Meticulous Pencil Skirt - PCF Special Editions
We’re offering special versions of the Meticulous Pencil Skirt, using a traditional cherry blossom pattern we created.

Fashion for Life
March 12-22
Fashion for Life — Bourke-White landmark
Event Website
100% of the proceeds from the Fashion for Life vendors go to the American Cancer Society.

Vanitas Vesture for Fashion for Life 2011
This year’s theme is “Beyond Black and White,” embodying the spirit of cancer survivors everywhere as they find hope rising out of the dark diagnosis of cancer.  We opted to include one each of our new releases in Red, Blue, and Green, as well as a special set of belts to coordinate with the Meticulous Pencil Skirt in a Gatcha.

The donation items for both events are also available at the Vanitas Vesture Mainstore.

New Releases
The Madison Ave Collection
This mini-collection is inspired by the lead women of one of my favorite television shows, which is set in the early 1960s.

Vanitas Vesture - Languid Party Dress
Languid Party Dress: a strapless cocktail dress with a full skirt and simple clean lines. 10 colors, L$200 each.

Vanitas Vesture - Meticulous Pencil Skirt
Meticulous Pencil Skirt: a high-waisted sleek snug pencil skirt with a wide belt and bow accent.10 colors, L$100 each.

Vanitas Vesture - Nervous Blouse
Nervous Blouse: a girly blouse with a wagon-wheel pattern, collar tied with a bow, and frilly sleeves.10 colors, L$100 each.

❤ SarahTheRed Aurbierre
Vanitas Vesture Mainstore.


Oh My Stars-O-Rama is here again!

Vanitas Vesture - Languid O Rama - All Colors

This strapless cocktail dress is reminiscent of the ’50s and early ’60s, with its full skirt and simple clean lines.  It’s been updated for this event with a feathered hemline, giving it a bit of a hipster vibe. It’s a variation on an upcoming release which will be available at the Fashion for Life Fair. This version of the dress is available in three colors; L$95 each through March 5th.

**About the Event**
Oh My Stars-O-Rama February Event
February 26th-March 5th
Each month, the vendors of the Oh My Stars! sims have the opportunity to create an item using a shared “theme” texture.  This month we’re working with a feather.  With such a variety of shops on the sims, event items may include poses, home decor, jewelry, clothing, and more.  Wander around the sims and look for this sign:
Oh My Stars-O-Rama Feb/March

Of course, I suggest you start at the Vanitas Vesture Mainstore! 😉

Today is the last day of the I ❤ Originals Fair!

Vanitas Vesture has two new offerings for the fair: First, the Kay Minidress, a sexy halter minidress with multi-colored polka dots and thin stripes along the hemline. Available in 10 colors; L$175.
Vanitas Vesture - Kay Minidress

Second, Valentine’s special that’s wearable year-round: a sweeter version of the Kay Minidress, with tiny multi-colored hearts.  Available in 3 colors; L$75 for a limited time.
Vanitas Vesture - <3 Minidress

If you haven’t had a chance to visit the fair, go now!  The fair celebrates original creators and provides an opportunity to learn more about intellectual property rights, and there’s some great stuff to be found.
other I <3 Originals Fair items
Items above from Awesome Blossom, Clutter, Croire, Hue are You, and Zoe’s Garden.

This is also your last chance to partake in the L$10 hunt — we’ve got a special color of the ❤ Minidress hidden away for you!

Vanitas Vesture at the I ❤ Originals Fair

Ok, so Vanitas Vesture has a few special things for you, starting this weekend.  First, we’re participating in the Reasonable Desires Sexy Hunt, celebrating the grand re-opening of the sim, from January 11 – February 11.

Vanitas Vesture - Kay Minidress - Desirable

Find the little gray giftbox in our shop there for this sexy sequined backless number, a little black dress with racy red stripes at the hemline.

Second, we’re excited to be a part of the first Oh My Stars-O-Rama event, featuring vendors of the Oh My Stars! sims.

Vanitas Vesture - Kay Minidress O-Rama

We created a pair of flirty little dresses, using the leafy motif as a bold print on the skirt, and a delicate accent on the strappy plunging neckline.  Check out the mainstore for these two darlings.

Oh My Stars-O-Rama January

The first Oh My Stars-O-Rama begins January 22nd and runs through the 29th.  More info about Oh My Stars-O-Rama!

We’ve also got a bit of something up or sleeve for the beginning of February, so keep your eyes open. 😉
❤ Vanitas Vesture