October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

If you’re young, you may not think you have to worry about this personally.  You might take part to support a family member, or to support the cause in general.  I strongly urge you to think again — breast health is not just an old people problem.  Cysts are not uncommon in women as young as 25, particularly if you have a family history.  However, you don’t need a problematic family history to develop problems.

No matter how old you are, please, please take care of yourself and your breasts by performing regular self-exams. You can find out how here.

Vanitas Vesture supports Making Strides against Breast Cancer, an organization dedicated to increasing awareness and raising funds to help find a cure.  We have created a special pre-release pink sheer version of the Ellie Cornelli Lace Top.  The blouse is hand-drawn, and the sheerness draws attention to and celebrates the beauty of breasts in what we hope is a somewhat classy way.  The cornelli lace pattern is the same as was on my wedding cake, tying in the concept that breast cancer affects all of us, as a family.

ALL proceeds go towards Making Strides against Breast Cancer.  You can find it here and here.