Today is the last day of the I ❤ Originals Fair!

Vanitas Vesture has two new offerings for the fair: First, the Kay Minidress, a sexy halter minidress with multi-colored polka dots and thin stripes along the hemline. Available in 10 colors; L$175.
Vanitas Vesture - Kay Minidress

Second, Valentine’s special that’s wearable year-round: a sweeter version of the Kay Minidress, with tiny multi-colored hearts.  Available in 3 colors; L$75 for a limited time.
Vanitas Vesture - <3 Minidress

If you haven’t had a chance to visit the fair, go now!  The fair celebrates original creators and provides an opportunity to learn more about intellectual property rights, and there’s some great stuff to be found.
other I <3 Originals Fair items
Items above from Awesome Blossom, Clutter, Croire, Hue are You, and Zoe’s Garden.

This is also your last chance to partake in the L$10 hunt — we’ve got a special color of the ❤ Minidress hidden away for you!

Vanitas Vesture at the I ❤ Originals Fair