Oh My Stars-O-Rama is here again!

Vanitas Vesture - Languid O Rama - All Colors

This strapless cocktail dress is reminiscent of the ’50s and early ’60s, with its full skirt and simple clean lines.  It’s been updated for this event with a feathered hemline, giving it a bit of a hipster vibe. It’s a variation on an upcoming release which will be available at the Fashion for Life Fair. This version of the dress is available in three colors; L$95 each through March 5th.

**About the Event**
Oh My Stars-O-Rama February Event
February 26th-March 5th
Each month, the vendors of the Oh My Stars! sims have the opportunity to create an item using a shared “theme” texture.  This month we’re working with a feather.  With such a variety of shops on the sims, event items may include poses, home decor, jewelry, clothing, and more.  Wander around the sims and look for this sign:
Oh My Stars-O-Rama Feb/March

Of course, I suggest you start at the Vanitas Vesture Mainstore! 😉