Hello lovelies! Lots going on right now! We’re a part of two charitable events: Fashion for Life, and the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser.

Pacific Crisis FundraiserPacific Crisis Fundraiser
An emergency fundraising effort for victims of the crisis in the Pacific
March 16 – April 10
Pacific Crisis Fundraiser landmark
Event website
Proceeds (100% or 50%, depending on the vendor) go to Americares.

Vanitas Vesture - Meticulous Pencil Skirt - PCF Special Editions
We’re offering special versions of the Meticulous Pencil Skirt, using a traditional cherry blossom pattern we created.

Fashion for Life
March 12-22
Fashion for Life — Bourke-White landmark
Event Website
100% of the proceeds from the Fashion for Life vendors go to the American Cancer Society.

Vanitas Vesture for Fashion for Life 2011
This year’s theme is “Beyond Black and White,” embodying the spirit of cancer survivors everywhere as they find hope rising out of the dark diagnosis of cancer.  We opted to include one each of our new releases in Red, Blue, and Green, as well as a special set of belts to coordinate with the Meticulous Pencil Skirt in a Gatcha.

The donation items for both events are also available at the Vanitas Vesture Mainstore.

New Releases
The Madison Ave Collection
This mini-collection is inspired by the lead women of one of my favorite television shows, which is set in the early 1960s.

Vanitas Vesture - Languid Party Dress
Languid Party Dress: a strapless cocktail dress with a full skirt and simple clean lines. 10 colors, L$200 each.

Vanitas Vesture - Meticulous Pencil Skirt
Meticulous Pencil Skirt: a high-waisted sleek snug pencil skirt with a wide belt and bow accent.10 colors, L$100 each.

Vanitas Vesture - Nervous Blouse
Nervous Blouse: a girly blouse with a wagon-wheel pattern, collar tied with a bow, and frilly sleeves.10 colors, L$100 each.

❤ SarahTheRed Aurbierre
Vanitas Vesture Mainstore.