Lots of changes going on at Vanitas Vesture, and to celebrate, we’re having a HUGE sale this weekend.  Most of the store is on sale — L$50 Separates — L$100 Dresses.
vanitas vesture sale sign

New! Rewards System
Earn store credit with every eligible purchase!  (Nearly everything is eligible.)  Use your store credit to buy stuff!  Earn even more when you wear your group tag.

New! Gifting and Gift Cards
Send most items as gifts, directly from the vendor.  Or, send gift cards! We’re super-excited to finally be able to offer you these options.

New! VIP Group
We have a new in-world VIP group, and for this weekend, it’s only L$100 to join.  Get exclusive gifts with each new release, and earn more rewards points when you wear your group tag.  Current gift:

New! Redelivery Terminal
Ok, not glamorous, but terribly useful.  From now on, most Vanitas Vesture items (excluding things like charity vendors and transferrable items like gatchas) can be redelivered if they’re lost, deleted, etc. Yay!

I think that’s it for today.  Take care, lovelies!
SarahTheRed Aurbierre
Vanitas Vesture Mainstore