Hello Lovelies! There’s a new sales-day-of-the-week, and it’s Moody Monday! All items for the event are priced at L$55, and have a value of at least L$150; they’ll be on sale all day Monday.

Vanitas Vesture - Obsessive Skirts for Moody Monday

We’ve put out a set of two skirts at the Vanitas Vesture mainstore: the new and unreleased Obsessive Skirts in Eggplant and Mocha. (Handy for those of you doing the 52 Weeks of Color challenges.)

There are some really awesome stores participating with a variety of items: clothes, poses, furniture, jewelry, and even a short story from a New York Times bestselling author.  You’ll definitely want to check the full illustrated list at the Moody Mondays website.