Limited Edition

Ok, so Vanitas Vesture has a few special things for you, starting this weekend.  First, we’re participating in the Reasonable Desires Sexy Hunt, celebrating the grand re-opening of the sim, from January 11 – February 11.

Vanitas Vesture - Kay Minidress - Desirable

Find the little gray giftbox in our shop there for this sexy sequined backless number, a little black dress with racy red stripes at the hemline.

Second, we’re excited to be a part of the first Oh My Stars-O-Rama event, featuring vendors of the Oh My Stars! sims.

Vanitas Vesture - Kay Minidress O-Rama

We created a pair of flirty little dresses, using the leafy motif as a bold print on the skirt, and a delicate accent on the strappy plunging neckline.  Check out the mainstore for these two darlings.

Oh My Stars-O-Rama January

The first Oh My Stars-O-Rama begins January 22nd and runs through the 29th.  More info about Oh My Stars-O-Rama!

We’ve also got a bit of something up or sleeve for the beginning of February, so keep your eyes open. 😉
❤ Vanitas Vesture


At SCD Disco Deals, we’re putting out a special edition of the not-yet-released Alchemist Skirt!

Vanitas Vesture - Wonderland - Alchemist Skirt - Disco Deals

At the SCD Disco Deals event, the two skirt set is available for only $90, this weekend only!
There are also great specials from other awesome stores: Clique, Dark Mouse, Ibizarre, Just a Pose, Karismatic Modern, Lolapop!, Miao, Moonshine, and Tuli.

Vanitas Vesture - Wonderland Series - Hermetic Waistband - Disco Deals Riot Room

Downstairs in the Riot Room, there’s more great stuff.  Bring your friends to get the best deals!  The set of Vanitas Vesture Hermetic Waistbands, which coordinate with the Alchemist Skirt, can be had for a secret super-low price.

Teleport to SCD’s Disco Deals and The Riot Room

I have such mixed feelings about the arrival of fall each year — I love autumn colors, but really could do without the cold weather.

Wonderland - Victoriana Silk Top - Harvest Edition

Anyway, I made a Harvest version of the Victoriana Silk Top, all warm chocolate and amber and gold.  It’s set out in-store for only L$50. ❤
Vanitas Vesture Main Store

Vanitas Vesture is pleased to be a part of the CHIC Call for Couture event, opening Sunday, October 10th!

Sneak Peek!

The Call for Couture is about “playing with the relationship between couture (auction items) and pret-a-porter (the new exclusive releases that will be available for you to buy!)”  Each designer has produced a high-end, limited-edition item for auction, the proceeds of which benefit The Samaritans, a British non-profit organization focused on mental health.  Shown above is our Vanitas Vesture – Wonderland – Contrariwise Gown.  Only 5 of these gowns will exist in-world, so this auction may be your only opportunity to get one.

Vanitas Vesture - Wonderland - Epigram Dress

In addition, we’ve produced a new prêt-à-porter (ready-to-wear) item for the event, based on the design of the couture item and with unlimited sales.  The Vanitas Vesture – Wonderland – Epigram Dress is available in 10 colors.  Both the Contrariwise Gown and the Epigram Dress are the latest release in our Wonderland series; these two are inspired by the Tweedles Dum and Dee, and their recitation of “The Walrus and The Carpenter”.

Your taxi to Vanitas Vesture at the CHIC Call for Couture event.

In other news, the Wonderland – Victoriana Silk Top, which premiered at the Wear Gray Marketplace, is now available at the Vanitas Vesture Mainstore.

Vanitas Vesture is pleased to offer a selection of items in exclusive colors for SL Daily Deals, available today only!

Coordinating versions of each item are offered in new colorings of purple and steel. Included in this pack:

  • Weston Swishy Skirt – our most popular item
  • Gabby Pearl Dress – our newest release
  • Autumn Soft Tank – our next release, not yet available outside this pack

All layers included; copy/modify/no transfer. An L$800 value — only L$400, only 100 for sale, only available until midnight tonight SLT.  Grab it instore here.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.

If you’re young, you may not think you have to worry about this personally.  You might take part to support a family member, or to support the cause in general.  I strongly urge you to think again — breast health is not just an old people problem.  Cysts are not uncommon in women as young as 25, particularly if you have a family history.  However, you don’t need a problematic family history to develop problems.

No matter how old you are, please, please take care of yourself and your breasts by performing regular self-exams. You can find out how here.

Vanitas Vesture supports Making Strides against Breast Cancer, an organization dedicated to increasing awareness and raising funds to help find a cure.  We have created a special pre-release pink sheer version of the Ellie Cornelli Lace Top.  The blouse is hand-drawn, and the sheerness draws attention to and celebrates the beauty of breasts in what we hope is a somewhat classy way.  The cornelli lace pattern is the same as was on my wedding cake, tying in the concept that breast cancer affects all of us, as a family.

ALL proceeds go towards Making Strides against Breast Cancer.  You can find it here and here.