It’s Disco Deals time!

Vanitas Vesture - Polite Starry Skirts for Disco Deals

Vanitas Vesture has made two starry versions of the Polite Skirt for the event, priced at only $65.  At the Shopping Cart Disco’s Disco Deals Bazaar, you’ll find these and other great deals from Dark Mouse, Miao, Karizmatik Modern, Fear and Clothing, Elefantu, Magoa, Status, Projekt Mayhem, Sn@tch, and Somnia — this weekend only!


Hello Lovelies! There’s a new sales-day-of-the-week, and it’s Moody Monday! All items for the event are priced at L$55, and have a value of at least L$150; they’ll be on sale all day Monday.

Vanitas Vesture - Obsessive Skirts for Moody Monday

We’ve put out a set of two skirts at the Vanitas Vesture mainstore: the new and unreleased Obsessive Skirts in Eggplant and Mocha. (Handy for those of you doing the 52 Weeks of Color challenges.)

There are some really awesome stores participating with a variety of items: clothes, poses, furniture, jewelry, and even a short story from a New York Times bestselling author.  You’ll definitely want to check the full illustrated list at the Moody Mondays website.

Lots of changes going on at Vanitas Vesture, and to celebrate, we’re having a HUGE sale this weekend.  Most of the store is on sale — L$50 Separates — L$100 Dresses.
vanitas vesture sale sign

New! Rewards System
Earn store credit with every eligible purchase!  (Nearly everything is eligible.)  Use your store credit to buy stuff!  Earn even more when you wear your group tag.

New! Gifting and Gift Cards
Send most items as gifts, directly from the vendor.  Or, send gift cards! We’re super-excited to finally be able to offer you these options.

New! VIP Group
We have a new in-world VIP group, and for this weekend, it’s only L$100 to join.  Get exclusive gifts with each new release, and earn more rewards points when you wear your group tag.  Current gift:

New! Redelivery Terminal
Ok, not glamorous, but terribly useful.  From now on, most Vanitas Vesture items (excluding things like charity vendors and transferrable items like gatchas) can be redelivered if they’re lost, deleted, etc. Yay!

I think that’s it for today.  Take care, lovelies!
SarahTheRed Aurbierre
Vanitas Vesture Mainstore

Today is the last day of the I ❤ Originals Fair!

Vanitas Vesture has two new offerings for the fair: First, the Kay Minidress, a sexy halter minidress with multi-colored polka dots and thin stripes along the hemline. Available in 10 colors; L$175.
Vanitas Vesture - Kay Minidress

Second, Valentine’s special that’s wearable year-round: a sweeter version of the Kay Minidress, with tiny multi-colored hearts.  Available in 3 colors; L$75 for a limited time.
Vanitas Vesture - <3 Minidress

If you haven’t had a chance to visit the fair, go now!  The fair celebrates original creators and provides an opportunity to learn more about intellectual property rights, and there’s some great stuff to be found.
other I <3 Originals Fair items
Items above from Awesome Blossom, Clutter, Croire, Hue are You, and Zoe’s Garden.

This is also your last chance to partake in the L$10 hunt — we’ve got a special color of the ❤ Minidress hidden away for you!

Vanitas Vesture at the I ❤ Originals Fair

At SCD Disco Deals, we’re putting out a special edition of the not-yet-released Alchemist Skirt!

Vanitas Vesture - Wonderland - Alchemist Skirt - Disco Deals

At the SCD Disco Deals event, the two skirt set is available for only $90, this weekend only!
There are also great specials from other awesome stores: Clique, Dark Mouse, Ibizarre, Just a Pose, Karismatic Modern, Lolapop!, Miao, Moonshine, and Tuli.

Vanitas Vesture - Wonderland Series - Hermetic Waistband - Disco Deals Riot Room

Downstairs in the Riot Room, there’s more great stuff.  Bring your friends to get the best deals!  The set of Vanitas Vesture Hermetic Waistbands, which coordinate with the Alchemist Skirt, can be had for a secret super-low price.

Teleport to SCD’s Disco Deals and The Riot Room

Ok, so I have tons of news for y’all!

First, we’ve moved: the new Vanitas Vesture mainstore is on the newly rebuilt Bill sim, which was formerly a Starlust sim and is now a part of Oh My Stars!  The new sim is gorgeous, and the new store is much more spacious! The Oh My Stars grand opening event is Saturday, December 18th at 5pm SLT, and we’ll have a little gifty set up.  I’d also advise taking a look around the new store later this evening for a few other little hidden goodies. 😉

Second, we have the lastest in the Wonderland Series: the Enigma Tunic.  This is a cozy sweater tunic, with billowing elbow-length sleeves, a unique open cowl neckline, and organic thin hand-drawn stripes.
Vanitas Vesture - Wonderland - Enigma Tunic

Now, we move on to awesome gift-giving opportunities!  I’m pleased to tell you about not one but two events we’re participating in!

This weekend is the Shopping Cart Disco Friends with Benefits Gift Giving Event.  It’s a classic BOGO sale — buy one item, get a second item of equal or lesser value for free, sent to the avatar of your choice.  Click on the sign in the store for the fine print about how to take advantage of this sale, and send friends presents!  The event ends Sunday at midnight, so shop now.

We’re also a part of the ALBERO Holiday Dollar Fair, where all items are transferrable and L$250 or less.  This event continues through January 2, and Vanitas Vesture has set out a selection of items from the Wonderland Series.
ALBERO Holiday Dollar Fair!

I have such mixed feelings about the arrival of fall each year — I love autumn colors, but really could do without the cold weather.

Wonderland - Victoriana Silk Top - Harvest Edition

Anyway, I made a Harvest version of the Victoriana Silk Top, all warm chocolate and amber and gold.  It’s set out in-store for only L$50. ❤
Vanitas Vesture Main Store

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